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New Series:

Book One

Kevin Murphy is back in Cedar Harbor for a fresh start and totally not because he's running away from mistakes that cost him his professional sledge hockey career in Toronto. No, he's come to the small New England town to help others, not to hide.

Ten years ago Kevin lost both his legs and discovering adaptive sports helped give him his life back. Now he wants to start an amateur sled hockey team for newly injured men. Cedar Harbor is home to Thatcher Memorial Rehab where Kevin did his recovery and it's the perfect place to give back to the disabled community.

Dr. Wilson insists on bringing a professional fundraiser on board. Carly Jennings is, as Dr. Wilson says, the best fundraiser in the state. She is organized, professional, and excellent at what she does.

Kevin takes an instant dislike to her, resentful of able-bodied people taking over his project and concerned that paying her will not be a good investment in the team.

What Kevin doesn't know is that Carly has a very personal relationship to the disability community. Her younger brother Robbie is a paraplegic from a car accident when they were teens and she knows exactly how important sports are for giving newly injured people their lives back.

She also knows that she'll have to fight past some very ingrained ableism to get donors to invest in a hockey team instead of a cure...but she's up for the challenge.

Kevin and Carly fight over the best way to build this new sledge hockey team while denying the intense chemistry between them. Until a game of Truth Or Dare changes everything...

Small town, enemies to friends to lovers, wounded hero veteran, slowburn, stuck in an elevator

Book Two

Robbie has a simple life. Despite his spinal cord injury, he keeps up an active lifestyle participating in multiple sports. He works from home and has dinner with his older sister every few nights. His best friend is the girl who checks him out at the grocery store.

He might be developing a crush on Samantha but she's married and Robbie respects that.

Then Sam doesn't show up to work and disappears. Robbie decides he must organize the members of his sled hockey team into a "wheelchair mafia" and rescue her.

Content Warning: Abusive Marriage

Book Three

Becca is the rare woman who was diagnosed with autism as a child but she is still determined to improve herself and works hard to overcome any limitations.

Jack wakes up in a hospital, his entire world turned upside down. He's used to being the one giving charity to disabled people and is not prepared to accept being disabled himself.

Then he meets Becca with her unique perspective and they begin to inspire each other to accept parts of themselves instead of trying to fix them. But as they fall for one another, Jack can't help but worry how an autistic woman will fit into the life of wealth, parties, and shmoozing he plans to return to.

Out Of Water

When Stewart fled California in the wake of a surfing accident he left a lot of unfinished business behind. Now he's back to put things right. But some wounds will never heal, and some actions cannot be undone.

As soon as he arrives, everyone needs something from him. He's trying to handle the burden alone, unwilling to accept that his first love might still be interested in him despite his wheelchair.

"Leah was already there. She was leaning over the bar, wearing a mini skirt that didn’t quite cover her butt and a sport’s bra. Her warm honey skin glistened, still wet from swimming. The few patrons inside were all riveted to her. As Stewart’s wheels rumbled onto the wooden floor, she turned and fixed him with her well-honed siren smile."  

Quick read, Reformed bad boy, All grown up, Second chance, Wounded hero

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(The character Stewart Masterson was introduced in my first novel, (W)hole.

This story takes place after that book but can be read by itself.)

Stand Alone Books

The World Between Us

An overshadowed brother in a wheelchair and a beautiful woman who needs something from him. Is there any chance for love?

Next to his super successful (and handsome, don’t forget handsome) rock star brother, Dylan Sinclair doesn’t expect any woman to look at him for a second longer than it takes to stare in horror at his wheelchair. Especially not a goddess like Stephanie Rowe.

But she does notice him and he can’t help but wonder if it’s because of the access he could give her to his brother.

Stephanie is a woman on a mission. She has a lot to prove to break out of a soul-crushing job and show her family she can be successful on her own terms. Even as she realizes there’s more to Dylan than meets the eye, she can’t get distracted from building a life her parents can be proud of.

And falling for an unemployed white boy who can’t move his own feet is not winning her any points.

But then she discovers Dylan has been keeping a secret that would catapult her to success and everything she’s been working towards . Now all she needs to do is betray his trust.

The Billionaire's Secretary

Chloe’s life is unraveling fast. Her grand plans to live the starving artist’s life are brought up short when she gets a positive pregnancy test. Suddenly she’s got to find real employment and figure out a new plan.

Erik is on the verge of losing the company that he’s poured his life into. Despite an attack that nearly killed him and left him paralyzed from the shoulders down, he’s kept up with his work. But an archaic stipulation in his father’s will might cost him everything he wants.

When Chloe confesses her real reason for needing a job, Erik begins to suspect that they might be able to help each other out.

But as they build a fictional relationship, are their feelings just for show or turning into something more?

The book that started it all. I started writing (W)hole when I was 18 and self-published it when I was 28. It is imperfect but remains very special to me as my first work...